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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas
This time of year, some customers look at the calendar and think their days are numbered for taking care of holiday gifts for clients, employees, and VIPs. If you’re among them, relax! Due to the strength of our relationships with our suppliers – and our operations -- there is still plenty of time for you to choose gifts and for us to order, decorate, and deliver them. Some products can be imprinted and delivered within 24 hours; many others in 3-5 days.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

Desktop accessories. According to an industry study, the average number of impressions a desktop item makes each month is 243. That includes exposure to the recipient and all the people who come into and out of his/her office daily. Even better, the average number of months a desktop item is kept is 5.5 – generating more than 1,300 impressions. A designer diary or bookmark debossed with your logo will keep your company top of mind daily. Even more meaningful is a digital desktop frame pre-loaded with a photo of your staff. At a later time the recipient will load family photos and admire them daily at the office.

Stainless-steel mugs accompanied by a cocoa packet, whether kept at the office or used at home, will create countless impressions for months to come.

Ornaments. They are available in glass, crystal, porcelain, or aluminum and send a message of quality and tradition. These keepsakes will serve as annual reminders of your company’s service and care.

Calendars. In a study of calendar usage in the workplace, 8 of 10 respondents reported calendars as “important” to “extremely important” in their daily lives. Three-quarters of the businesspeople who received an imprinted calendar remembered the company that gave it to them and said they planned to do business with that company again.

Mobile device accessories. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 8 in 10 Americans now own two or more gadgets such as cell phones, MP3 players and tablets. What’s more, over 90% of users keep their mobile device within reach 24 hours a day. A neoprene case to hold a mobile device is lightweight and durable, providing long-term, constant exposure for your brand message. For special executive gifts, consider a Deluxe Solar Charger, Wired E-Padfolio or Deluxe Tablet Stand.

Don’t overlook the impact Packaging has on your gifts. Presents with panache stand out. Velvet bags, tins, boxes, oversized labels, tissue, and ribbons imprinted with your logo will be useful during the holidays as well as for gifts given all year long.

*The data about desktop accessories and calendars is from the 2011 Promotional Products Association International Study of Calendar Usage in the Workplace and the 2010 Advertising Specialty Institute Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study.

The Wildlife In Need Center is dedicated to rehabilitating the ever increasing numbers of ill and orphaned wildlife native to Southeastern Wisconsin. They provide prevention and educational programs to promote the idea of "Connecting people and wildlife through education and rehabilitation." National Premium currently has an initiative in place where we collect and donate newspapers for animal cages. To learn more about the Wildlife In Need Center, visit their blog.


How Latitude Led to Long-term Employee Satisfaction

From time to time in our newsletter we'll introduce you to members of the National Premium team. Nicole joined us 14 years ago. Here is her story...

Nicole Marcott joined National Premium in 1999 as an Executive Assistant. It was her first job in the workplace after two-and-a-half years as a stay-at-home mom.

After one year in this position, she expressed an interest in doing something else. “I wanted to get involved with computers and networking. We had just gotten PCs in the office and I knew how to use Microsoft Word and Excel and could help our staff learn how to use these new tools to improve their productivity,” recalls Nicole. Within a short period of time, she became the go-to person for technology issues and was in charge of a then-fledgling network. “I worked with our consultants, serving as a network administrator. I’m not a technical person, but I like to figure things out.”

In 2003 the company invested in software to create online company store programs. Nicole decided that she didn’t want to “do this network thing anymore.” She taught herself HTML and began designing customers’ e-commerce sites. Then she mastered Adobe Flash and created self-promotion commercials the company emailed to customers and prospects. “I had an amazing amount of latitude to do whatever it was that made me happy,” says Nicole. “In turn, customers have benefited.”

After five years of designing online programs, Nicole realized a need for a new position – Program Manager – and successfully pitched it to senior management. In this capacity she became responsible for all aspects of customer programs and served as the liaison between customers and sales reps as well as the customer care, purchasing, and warehouse teams.

“At the end of the day, customers know they can rely on us to solve their program pain – to get the job done,” Nicole explains. “That’s what sets us apart. Recently a program customer called us at 5pm on a Thursday and needed a shirt delivered to Texas the next day. One of my team members walked across the street to our fulfillment center, pulled the shirt, drove to UPS, and had it shipped overnight. Whatever the request, we take care of it. We take the program pain off customers’ plates.”

Today Nicole serves as Director of Global Program Operations. Her team of 25 supports programs for more than 70 customer programs. Most of her time is spent advising and mentoring the six program managers and the ecommerce team, as well as the customer care and fulfillment center managers. One year ago she was asked to serve on National Premium’s leadership team. “I love playing an integral role in developing new programs and services that positively impact customers’ operations and profitability.”

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