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“Sorry, You Aren’t Creative Enough For Us”
At first we weren’t even sure what they meant. Did we need to paint our office walls in bright colors? Play ping-pong during brainstorming sessions? Wear mismatched clothing every Friday?

The answer was none of the above. We simply needed to figure out what we were missing and add it to NP’s offerings. So in September 2011 we introduced a Creative Services department and we’ve been churning out results-generating ideas ever since. (And within 8 months of establishing this department, we earned back the business we lost.)

Here’s a rundown of some of what our Creative Services team does to present customers with ideas:

Twice a year we publish a Trends Report highlighting retail colors, styles and concepts and the latest promotional products to incorporate current trends. Click on the image to download the new Spring 2013 Edition.Trends Report. Twice a year we create this document featuring retail colors, styles and concepts and showcase how these trends have impacted the promotional marketplace. Click here or on the image to the right to download the new 2013 Spring Trends Report.  

What’s New” PowerPoint presentations. Twice a month we create these online presentations featuring new products in the marketplace. These presentations help customers in need of a product with fast turnaround. They also provide good food for thought for brainstorming custom products. 

The Creative Services team is also responsible for working with our account team to conceive of custom promotional gifts. Unfortunately, we can’t name names or disclose details about these projects. But we can give you some insight into how we work. Here are a few examples.

When a manufacturer wanted a custom-designed “thing” to give to tradeshow attendees, we embarked on the project with a shopping trip to the mall. We purchased 12+ variations of the “thing” from different stores to show our client. We asked them to identify the elements they liked and didn’t like from the samples. We then custom-designed and manufactured 150 pieces of the “thing” featuring the components our client liked best.

A national coffee shop chain asked us to produce theme-based quarterly gifts to display in their spinner racks. These gifts needed to entice customers standing in line to place their order to make a spontaneous additional purchase. After a visit to the International Toy Fair in NYC in February last year, we walked away with countless ideas in our customer’s price range and size guidelines. We ultimately presented a PDF to our client featuring 100 virtual samples to choose from to kickoff the program.

Rest assured our Creative Services team, in partnership with our account team, has the ability to ensure that your audience says yes, wow, thank you, and/or signs on the dotted line. If you want to explore ways we can help you achieve your goals, let’s talk!

* If you aren’t already receiving the presentations our Creative Services team develops throughout the year, please ask your account executive to add you to the distribution list.

Have you heard of Soles4Souls? Until recently, many NPers hadn’t. But last month Andy Voit, our National Account Director, organized a company-wide drive to contribute to this charity. Soles4Souls, based in Tennessee, collects new and used shoes for the victims of disaster or other types of suffering. Any type of shoe is welcome – flip flops, soccer cleats, high heels, you name it. Soles4Souls partners with companies to organize shoe drives or serve as drop-off locations.

At NP headquarters we collected 138 pairs of shoes! Many thanks to Andy for organizing this effort, which he says he now hopes to organize once a year.


Plan A Safety Program That Pays Off

When businesses invest in worker safety, they protect their bottom line as well. The potential savings is tremendous. According to research conducted by J. Paul Leigh, a Professor of Public Health Sciences at the University of California - Davis, the national annual price tag of occupational injuries and illnesses is estimated at $250 billion. He recommends expanded prevention measures to reduce harm to workers and cost to employers. (If you want to learn more about the study, click here.)

The most effective safety campaigns for the workplace according to the National Safety Council generate employee excitement through regular communication, proactive safety activities, and recognition. When you’re ready to boost safety awareness among your employees, here are a few tips:

Consider which safety issues matter most for your employees. The 2012 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index ranks “overexertion” (e.g. excessive lifting, pushing, carrying) as the leading cause of disabling injuries. Other common safety hot buttons include falls, being struck by an object, and repetitive motion (repeated stress and strain). Imprinted products can be customized with safety pointers targeting a specific workplace situation. A mouse pad with ergonomic tips works well for desk-bound employees, who spend hours inputting computer data. A cap with the slogan, “Heads Up for Safety,” can remind production floor workers to beware overhead dangers.

Select products that function for safety. For example, keep employees highly visible when they work around machinery or vehicles by outfitting them in apparel and headwear in neon safety colors and reflective striping. Flashlights prove valuable for nighttime workers or those in dimly lit environments. Jumper cables/auto safety kits keep drivers in good shape on the road. Think also of products that aid wellness. Stainless steel water bottles hydrate outdoor laborers to mitigate the risk of overheating. Sun block reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Finally, keep your team motivated. Provide a tiered menu of safety incentives that gain the recipient peer recognition. These rewards can range from small but useful items such as quality key chains or multifunction tools to embroidered jackets designating “Leaders in Safety” to high-level awards such as a fine Swiss-made watch for those whose efforts set records for an injury-free workplace.

To get started improving safety at your company, please call or email us. We’ll share examples of programs we’ve created for others that proved effective and share ideas for a campaign customized specifically for your workplace.

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