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No 1 September 2008
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  How to Make Your Promotional Dollars Go Further

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Let’s face it – recession or not, the economy is tough. Every promotional dollar you spend needs to be for a campaign that is highly targeted and effective. Did you know that there’s no better investment than an imprinted product when it comes to ROI?

Consider this study reported by the Promotional Products Association International:

  • Research showed that 71% of businesspeople surveyed had received a promotional product in the last 12 months and 34% of them actually had the imprinted item on their person at the time of being surveyed.
  • Three-quarters of the recipients could recall the advertiser’s name that gave them the imprinted product. In comparison, only 53% of the same group could recall the name of a single advertiser they’d seen in a magazine or newspaper.

Next, here are a few examples of products that provide a “recall punch” without heavy price tags:

Imprinted sticky notepads are handy little brand-messengers that make cost-per-impression (CPI) negligible. First, you’ve got the multiple times daily that the recipient views the notepad on his/her desk. We’ll conservatively estimate three “exposures.” If that person writes three notes and distributes them to three colleagues, you’ve doubled the number of exposures. Begin dividing the cost of a $1.50 notepad of 100 sheets with the number of impressions achieved and you’ll see that the CPI is a fraction of a cent.

Here’s another favorite penny-pincher: pencils. The average pencil can write 45,000 words. Each moment your recipient writes a word is an impression, as well as the time spent subconsciously seeing that logoed pencil in the caddy on a desk. The mileage you get for the few cents you spend per pencil is mind-boggling.

You can also use an electronic product such as a USB key tag with great results. These user-friendly computer accessories allow you to upload a marketing presentation and even drive participants directly to your website. Once there, you can have them register for a premium or loyalty program so that you can track response and participation.

We live for this sort of trivia because it tells us the best way to make your promotional dollars go further! Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we can begin searching for the most economical and effective products for your budget and goals. Also, be sure to give your feedback about the newsletter. We’d appreciate the input!

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