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No 11 July 2009
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  Making the Most of Your Marketing Dollars

From time to time, clients and prospects comment that we ask a lot of questions. It’s true but with good reason: We know from experience that the more information we have, the better equipped we are to help make good use of their promotional dollars. Here are a few examples:

Annual Events. Let’s say every summer you host a picnic for employees and their families. If we know this and, come December, we learn of a close-out on an item that’s a great way to commemorate a picnic – e.g., a colorful beach towel, a waterproof tote or custom sandals – we’ll pass along the promotion. You could save a bundle on next year’s picnic gift!  

Competition. Have you ever attended an event and your heart sank at the sight of one of your competitor’s at-show promotions? We are happy to help monitor what your competitors are up to, with the goal of ensuring that they don’t trump you in the future. The more we know about their activities, the easier a time we’ll have proposing promotions that help you stand out from them.

Target Audiences. Most organizations market/communicate with employees, clients/customers, prospects and, on occasion, potential hires. But factors such as age, gender, professionalism, budget and personal preferences should be considered when selecting a promotional product or gift. To ensure that we present ideas that are appropriate for your audience, it’s a good strategy to share as much data as possible with us. 

We encourage you to take time up front to provide us with the resources we need to educate ourselves about your company and your competitors. Once you do, we’ll get busy researching on your behalf – at no charge, of course. Much of the time you won’t even be aware of what we’re exploring behind the scenes, but we promise that when the time comes to present you with ideas, you’ll benefit from our efforts!

Back in a few weeks with more ideas. In the meantime, call us or send us an e-mail if you have questions or ideas you want to kick around.

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